Capturing the spirit of the Appalachian Trail

The Wild East Poster

Wild East PosterCapturing the adventure of the Wild East.

In collaboration with artist and astronomer Dr. Tyler Nordgren, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy has crafted an eye-catching poster to celebrate the launch of Wild East. The poster speaks to the legacy of the Appalachian Trail as an American adventure while also bringing attention to landscapes, animals and communities that embody the A.T. experience.

Each element of the Wild East poster has been designed to represent a vital component of the A.T. and its surrounding lands, from the plants and animals filling the Trail’s environments, to the iconic views of rugged mountains and dense forests, to the hikers and communities that add so much character to the A.T. experience.


Receive your own Wild East poster by donating $100 to the ATC today.

Every $100 donor will receive:

  • The 18×27-inch Wild East Poster
  • Four printed issued of the ATC’s member magazine, A.T. Journeys
  • An oversized Appalachian Trail strip map
  • Discounts at the Ultimate Appalachian Trail Store and other select retailers
  • Volunteer opportunities and invitations to special events

Your generous gift will be used to conserve and protect the A.T. and the Wild East for generations to come.


About the Artist

Tyler NordgrenDr. Tyler Nordgren is an unusually gifted artist, astronomer, and author. Tyler is well-known for his contemporary series of “Milky Way” posters for dozens of national parks and his series on the 2017 eclipse, which are now part of the Smithsonian collection. His commissioned artwork of the Appalachian Trail presents some of the Trail’s attributes in a fresh new way, reminiscent of vintage “See America” posters.

“We are driven to conserve what we value, and we value what we know,” says Tyler. “For me, this project helps share the wild beauty of the eastern U.S. and the need to protect and conserve it just as we would the canyons, arches, and mountains out west.”