By Marina Richie

Wild Skyway

Wherever you are on the Appalachian Trail, birds offer sweet companionship. Yet, as hiker numbers soar, bird populations tumble.

The Search for Bicknell's Thrush

A Song at Dawn

Nick Lund of Maine Audubon shares his face-to-face encounter with one of the rarest (and most elusive!) birds in the country.

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A Premier Migration Range

What Soars Above Kittatinny Ridge

The 125 miles of the Appalachian Trail that follow Pennsylvania’s Kittatinny Ridge see an incredible amount of hawk and eagle migrations.

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Roan Highlands Haven

Appalachian Balds are for the Birds

The iconic bald mountains along the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina and Tennessee are significant to the future of migratory and resident birds.

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By Amanda Wheelock

A Wonder in Winter

A.T. adventurer Amanda Wheelock explains why hiking the Trail during the Winter can be a magical experience.

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By Marina Richie

Can the A.T. Save Birds in Peril?

With bird populations decreasing throughout North America, could natural havens like the Appalachian Trail make the difference between survival and extinction?

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