Plan Ahead and Prepare Part One

The “Don’t Be That Guy” video series tells viewers how to lessen their impact on the Appalachian Trail, illustrating the seven Leave No Trace principles in a humorous and fun way. Make sure you check out all the videos in the series!

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A Wild East Story

Go Dark

For many people around the world, light pollution prevents us from seeing the true beauty of the night sky. In the Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s latest short film, “Go Dark – A Wild East Story,” take a journey with the Atlanta-based LatinXhikers group and astronomer Dr. Tyler Nordgren as they experience the splendor of a starry sky, preserved by surrounding Wild East lands and the Appalachian Mountain landscape of the A.T. in Georgia.

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Winter on the Appalachian Trail

Once the leaves have fallen, many people seem to think that they must shutter themselves away for a long season of hibernation. It’s too cold outside, the road is closed for winter, the Appalachian Trail is covered in snow — the excuses are many. To be sure, winter hiking requires a bit more planning than your average summer stroll, but with the right gear and proper preparation, winter hikes can become some of your favorite days on the Trail.


A Lasting Legacy

Meet Dave Field, the Appalachian Trail legend who has been maintaining the Trail in Maine for over 50 years — and he wants to inspire a new generation of A.T. lovers to do the same.


Small Town Big Heart

Once a struggling mountain community, the town of Damascus, Virginia has become an inseparable part of the Appalachian Trail’s identity.


Stay Together

How a group of inner-city students learned to work as a team to hike all of the New Jersey A.T.